Monday, March 2, 2009

Peanut Butter Balls

I love people's reaction to Romance as a genre. This came from author Jill Shalvis's blog. The question came to her from a stranger in the middle of a haircut.

“What is it you do again?”

“I write romances.”

“Really? The ones that have sex in them?”

“Uh, well, yeah. But—“

“How many have you written?”

“I don’t know, more than thirty.”

Her eyes widened. “More than thirty! Wow. How many guys have you slept with?”


And I still haven't been very good about posting in here. I haven't had any food adventures this week, but I could share a short little ditty on trying to make peanut butter balls.

I'd been craving chocolate peanut butter balls all week. Actually for several weeks. I had a whole jar of peanut butter, I had butter, I just needed powered sugar and chocolate chips, which I snatch up on my next WalMart trip. I then wait for my ideal moment. Actually I just wait until I can't deal with the craving anymore. Roomie was asleep for this one, Accomplice wasn't there. I was on my own.

I'd post the recipie on here, but I don't remember exactly where I got it - I just googled peanut butter ball recipe and modified one to fit me the best. One without wax or rice crispies just because I didn't have either ingredient.

Turns out a full jar of peanut butter wasn't quite enough. Now I could do the math and figure out proportionally exactly how much of the other ingreedients I needed, but then I wouldn't be me. I just cut a random little bit off the butter and poured in the powered sugar until I thought the consistency looked about right.

Don't judge, it worked!

Then came the chocolate dipping bit. I don't actually have a double boiler at school with me (what college student does?) so I jerry-rigged one by putting a random bowl with chocolate chips in boiling water.

Much to my surprise, this doesn't prove ideal for melting the chocolate. I can't get it to melt right, which is really pissing me off, let me tell you. Instead of a nice liquidy texture I'm getting a clay like texture. I try dipping them in anyway, but surprise surprise, silly puddy doesn't provide ideal conditions for dipping.

At this point I'm determined to beat the damn things. It's me against the peanut butter balls and I WILL win. So I take the bowl out of the pot of water, take a glop of chocolate in my hands and mold it around my peanut butter balls like clay.


Eventually the chocolate did melt, but not for a few batches in. The result was half of them looking like beautifully dipped chocolate concoctions and half of them looking like Franken-balls. I still maintain that the latter tasted better.

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